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Fruit Party – Drop and Merge

Let’s stack cute fruits to make a “King Watermelon”!

This appealing and challenging puzzle game will test your strategic skills and quick thinking!

Merge Camp

Let’s merge items to make what friends want!!

Welcome to the tropical island where cute friends live!
You can create the items that the friends on the island want by merging.
Shall we help our friends together?

Rocket Punch!

Knock your enemies out

Are you ready for the adventure full of punches and tricks? Rocket Punch! Yes, that’s the name of our game!

Wall Crawler!

Hero Mission: Jump & Rescue

You’re on a superhero mission to save your world, and it’s a complicated one!

Webbi Boi

Hook & Smash with Spider Web

Are you looking for a way of showing off the best of your fighting skills and having a lot of fun meanwhile?

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